Available Rental Equipment

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Qty.Equipment NameModel #DailyWeekly
Backline (Instrument Rental)
1Vintage Hammond OrganB3 & Leslie 122$350.00$600.00
1Vintage Hammond OrganC3 & Leslie 122$350.00$600.00
1Vintage Hammond LeslieLeslie 122$75.00$150.00
1Korg Triton KeyboardMotif$75.00$150.00
1Yamaha KeyboardES8$75.00$150.00
488 Weighted KeyboardsVarious$50.00$100.00
17 Piece Drum SetPremier$200.00$400.00
15 Piece Drum Set$150.00$300.00
1Bass Amp/HeadHartke 4x10$75.00$150.00
Audio Equipment
4Tectonic Flat Panel Speakers in CaseDML500$150.00$300.00
4Powersoft AmplifiersT604$150.00$300.00
2Crown AmplifiersXTI 4000$75.00$150.00
10EV Powered Speaker, 12" 2 Way, 1000W ZLX-12P$50.00$75.00
10EV Powered Speaker, 12" 2 Way, 1500WEKX-12P$60.00$100.00
2EV Powered Speaker, 8" 2 Way, 800W ZX1$50.00$75.00
6EV Passive, 12" 2 Way, 2000Wxi-1122$100.00$200.00
6EV Passive, 18" 3 Way, 2000Wxi-1183$150.00$300.00
4EV Double 18" Passive SubsQRX-218$100.00$200.00
2Mackie 15" 2 WaySRM-1521$75.00$100.00
2Turbo 18" Powered SubsiQ18B$75.00$150.00
1Midas 32 Channel Digital MixerM32$150.00$300.00
2Behringer Digital X Air MixersXR16$35.00$75.00
1Behringer CompactX32$75.00$150.00
1Behringer Digital Full SizeX32$125.00$250.00
2Behringer 16x8 Ch. SnakeS16$50.00$100.00
50+Wired Microphones, HH, Condensor, etc$10-$40/ea$10.00$15.00
12Audio Technica, HH, Lavs, Microsets, etc3000 Series$40.00$75.00
3Audio Technica Antenna Distribution4 wireless/ea$50.00$100.00
1Telex Wired Communication, Master Station, Headsets, BeltpacksMisc./ea.$25.00$50.00
Video Equipment
3Panasonic HD SDI CamerasAG-160$100.00$200.00
2PTZ Optics NDI 30x CamerasPT30x-NDI$100.00$200.00
1Dual SDI EPTZ Zcam, 4K, 3x CameraPTEPTZ-ZCAM-G2$75.00$150.00
1Marshall POV CameraCV-502$35.00$60.00
203000 Lumen ProjectorsVarious$75.00$150.00
36000 Lumen ProjectorsViewsonic & Benq$200.00$400.00
27000 Lumen ProjectorsPanasonic$300.00$600.00
166' Screen & SkirtDa-Lite$50.00$100.00
88' Screen & SkirtDa-Lite$75.00$150.00
210' Screens with Dress KitsDa-Lite$100.00$200.00
214' Screens with Dress KitsDa-Lite$150.00$300.00
2Blackmagic ATEM SwitchersMisc.$150.00$300.00
1Vmix Switching PC (Requires our Technician)Server w/Vmix$250.00$500.00
2Blackmagic Web Presenter ProWebPro$50.00$100.00
2Blackmagic Hypderdeck RecorderHyperdeck$50.00$100.00
3Blackmagic EncoderH.264$75.00$150.00
1Blackmagic Smart Videohub Router12x12$100.00$200.00
2AJA Streaming DeviceU-Tap$15.00$25.00
10Blackmagic SDI to HDMI & Bi-DirectionalMisc$15.00$30.00
2Samsung 75" TV in Dual Road Case4K HDTV$125.00$200.00
2Vizio 65" TV in Dual Road CaseLED HDTV$100.00$150.00
342"-49" HD TVsMisc$45.00$85.00
Tons of Adapters & PeripheralsÉ Give us a Call
Lighting Equipment
124 Channel 2.4K DimmerCD-80$100.00$200.00
251000W Par CansPar64$10.00$15.00
122000W Studio Pars with Barn Doors2KPar$15.00$25.00
12Source Four Juniors 575WSource 4$15.00$25.00
24Moving 3' LED Strip Lights: Color Band Pix MPix-M$20.00$60.00
6Martin Mac Intel Movers500/600$125.00$450.00
6Xstatic Pro Sharpy Beam200-5R$50.00$250.00
8DJ Effects, Lasers and Foggers$25.00$75.00
12Chauvet LED Wash Fixtures412$50.00$250.00
36LED Par Cans, RGBWA-UV24x12$15.00$50.00
Trussing, Bases & Lifts
189.8' TrussGlobal$50$75
12Misc. Sizes: 1.6', 3.2', 4.9', 6.5' & 8.2' TrussGlobal$35$50
1012", 16", 24" and 36" Steel BasesGlobal$25$35
2Trusst Crank Up Towers 6.0CT-CS60 (6.4-19.7')$125$250
Audio Recording Equipment
25Tascam Digital RecordersDR-40$15.00$30.00
20Tascam Lapel / Lavalier RecordersDR-10L$10.00$20.00
3Tascam Digital RecordersDR-05$10.00$20.00
20Tascam CD RecordersCDRW4U$20.00$40.00
10Panasonic & Toshiba DVD RecordersMisc.$20.00$40.00

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