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Unlock the potential of your event with Dove Audio Visual’s AV Rentals with our 3 Steps. Whether you’re organizing a corporate meeting, hosting a live performance, or planning a special occasion, our extensive range of Audio-Visual equipment for rent ensures that you have the tools to create an unforgettable experience.

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It all starts with a conversation.

Step #1 - Assess Your Needs

Before selecting a rental package, carefully assess your requirements. Consider factors such as the type of event or project you’re organizing, the venue size, the number of attendees, and the specific audio, visual, and lighting elements you require. Determine whether you need basic audio equipment, advanced lighting setups, large display screens, or any other specialized AV equipment.

Step #2 - Discuss Rental Packages

Engage in a conversation with one of our Dove AVL experts to delve into the array of rental packages we provide. Share your event requirements and preferences with our team, and we’ll guide you through the available options tailored to your specific needs. Take advantage of our expertise to explore the equipment included in each package, as well as any additional services such as setup assistance and technical support. Together, we’ll compare the packages based on your requirements and budget, ensuring you find the ideal solution for a successful event.

Step #3 - Implementation

Accordion ContentAfter finalizing your selection of the rental package with the Dove AVL expert, it’s time to create a comprehensive implementation plan. Coordinate with our team to schedule delivery or pickup of the equipment according to your event timeline and venue logistics. Discuss setup arrangements, including any technical requirements or special considerations. Ensure clear communication channels for troubleshooting and technical support during the event. Collaborate closely with Dove AVL to execute the plan seamlessly, maximizing the impact of your audio-visual and lighting solutions for a successful event experience.

Available Rental Equipment

QtyEquipment NameModelDaily/Ea.Weekly
BacklineInstrument Rentals:   
1Vintage Hammond OrganB3 & Leslie 122$350.00$600.00
1Vintage Hammond OrganC3 & Leslie 122$350.00$600.00
1Vintage Hammond LeslieLeslie 122$75.00$150.00
1Yamaha Keyboard, Montage 8Montage 8$175.00$300.00
1Korg Triton KeyboardMotif$75.00$150.00
1Yamaha KeyboardES8$75.00$150.00
288 Weighted KeyboardsVarious$50.00$100.00
17 Piece Drum SetPremier$200.00$400.00
15 Piece Drum Set $150.00$300.00
1Bass Amp/Head, SWR SM-900Goliath 4×10$75.00$150.00
8Martin Line Array (4 Per Martin Case)WPM$200.00$300.00
1Martin AmplifieriK81$500.00$750.00
4Tectonic Flat Panel Speakers in CaseDML500$150.00$300.00
4Powersoft AmplifiersT604$250.00$400.00
2Crown AmplifiersXTI 4000$100.00$175.00
11EV Powered Speaker, 12″ 2 Way, 1000W ZLX-12P$50.00$75.00
10EV Powered Speaker, 12″ 2 Way, 1500WEKX-12P$60.00$100.00
2EV Powered Speaker, 8″ 2 Way, 800W ZX1$50.00$75.00
4QSC, 8″ 2- Way, 2000WK8.2$75.00$125.00
2QSC, 8″ 2- Way, 1000WCP8$40.00$75.00
6EV Passive, 12″ 2 Way, 2000Wxi-1122$100.00$200.00
6EV Passive, 18″ 3 Way, 2000Wxi-1183$150.00$300.00
4EV Double 18″ Passive SubsQRX-218$100.00$200.00
2EV Single 18″ Powered SubsEKX-18p$75.00$150.00
2Turbo 18″ Powered SubsiQ18B$75.00$150.00
2Mackie 15″ 2 WaySRM-1521$75.00$100.00
1WING 48 Channel Digital Mixer w/case & dog houseWING$250.00$400.00
1Midas 32 Channel Digital Mixer w/case & dog houseM32$200.00$325.00
2Behringer Digital X Air MixersXR16$35.00$75.00
1Behringer Digital MixerX32-Compact$125.00$250.00
1Behringer Digital MixerX32-Producer$75.00$150.00
124-12 Ch. Small MixersYamaha/Mackie$25.00$50.00
2Behringer 16×8 Ch. SnakeS16$50.00$100.00
1Midas 16×8 Ch. SnakeDL16$75.00$125.00
50+Wired Microphones, HH, Condensor, etc$10-$40/ea$10.00$15.00
2Wireless IEM In Ear MonitorsPSM300/P3RA$50.00$75.00
20Audio Technica, 3000 Series v4, 710, 510, Microsets, Lavs, etc.ATW-3211/3212$50.00$75.00
2Audio Technica, 4000 Series HHATW-RR4100$60.00$75.00
3RF Venue Antenna Distribution, 440-900mhzDFINDISTRO4-9$60.00$75.00
3Audio Technica 3000 series v4, dual chargersATW-CHG$10.00$15.00
8Eartec Wireless CommunicationEvade$25.00$50.00
4Birddog PTZ NDI CamerasP200$125.00$250.00
1Birddog PTZ NDI CamerasP240$150.00$250.00
3Panasonic HD SDI CamerasAG-160$75.00$150.00
1Panasonic 4K SDI CameraAG-CX350$100.00$200.00
1Dual SDI EPTZ Zcam, 4K, 3x CameraPTEPTZ-ZCAM-G2$75.00$150.00
203000 Lumen ProjectorsVarious$75.00$150.00
36000 Lumen ProjectorsViewsonic & Benq$200.00$400.00
26000 Lumen Vivitek Laser ProjectorsDU4771Z$350.00$500.00
67000 Lumen Panasonic Projectors .8, 1.3-1.7, 1.7-2.4 lensPT-EW730Z$400.00$600.00
213,500 Christie Laser Projectors w/1.2-1.5 lens’D13WU-HS$1,500.00$2,500.00
106′ Screen & SkirtDa-Lite$50.00$100.00
88′ Screen & SkirtDa-Lite$75.00$150.00
610′ Screens with Dress KitsElite$100.00$200.00
213′ Screens with Dress KitsElite$150.00$300.00
1Blackmagic Constellation ATEM Switcher, 20×122 M/E$150.00$250.00
1Blackmagic Constellation ATEM Switcher, 10×61 M/E$100.00$150.00
1Blackmagic SDI Mini Pro ATEM Switcher, 4×2SDI Mini Pro$75.00$125.00
1Vmix Switching PC (Requires our Technician)Server w/Vmix$250.00$500.00
2AJA Capture/Streaming DeviceU-TAP$25.00$50.00
1Blackmagic Hypderdeck RecorderHyperdeck Studio HD Mini$50.00$100.00
1Blackmagic Hypderdeck RecorderHyperdeck Studio HD Plus$75.00$125.00
3Blackmagic EncoderH.264$75.00$150.00
12Blackmagic SDI to HDMI & Bi-DirectionalMisc$15.00$30.00
3SDI/HDMI Camera Mount Monitors, 7″, 10″Misc.$25.00$50.00
115″ Field Monitors w/3G SDI Input in Road CaseLilliput$75.00$125.00
228″ Field Monitors w/3G SDI Input in Road CasesLilliput$75.00$125.00
132″ TVSamsung 2023$50.00$75.00
465″ TV in Dual Road CasesHiSense 2023$75.00$125.00
275″ TV in Dual Road CasesSamsung 2021$100.00$150.00
485″ TV in Dual Road Cases w/Light Source Global Truss ClampsHiSense 2023$125.00$175.00
 Tons of Adapters & Peripherals√â Give us a Call   
124 Channel 2.4K DimmerCD-80$100.00$200.00
122000W Studio Pars with Barn Doors2KPar$15.00$25.00
14Aria Profile WW 200W LED 26degBlizzard Aria$75.00$150.00
12Source Four Juniors 575WSource 4$15.00$25.00
24Moving 3′ LED Strip Lights: Color Band Pix MPix-M$20.00$60.00
6Xstatic Pro Sharpy Beam200-5R$50.00$250.00
8DJ Effects, Lasers and Foggers $25.00$75.00
12Chauvet LED Wash Fixtures412$50.00$250.00
Trussing, Bases, Crank Up Stands, Pipe & Drape   
89.8′ TrussGlobal$50.00$75.00
12Misc. Sizes: 1.6′, 3.2′, 6.5′ TrussGlobal$35.00$50.00
1216″, 30″ and 36″ Steel BasesGlobal$25.00$35.00
6Global Truss 13′ Crank Up Stands DT-3900L$50.00$75.00
12Black Velour 16′ x 10′ Pipe & Drape$7.5/Ft.$75.00$120.00
10Black Velour 22′ x 9.8′ Tie On Drape$10/Ft.$100.00$150.00
22Tascam Audio RecorderDR-40$10.00$25.00
22Tascam Personal Audio RecorderDR-10L$5.00$15.00
1Whisper Quiet Generator 2250WWEN 2250$50.00$100.00
1Whisper Quiet Generator 3800WWEN 3800$75.00$150.00
1Predator Generator, Older 7000WPredator 8750$75.00$150.00
105 Wire Cable Ramp, Bl/YellowHeavy Duty, 3’x19″x2″$25.00$50.00
12/0 Feeder Cable, 200 amp, 5 separate wires100′ Cam Lock$75.00$150.00
15 Wire 208V, 100 amp100′ Cam Lock$50.00$100.00
6Custom Audio & Video Snakes Ethercon, 1694A SDI & Cat6S Lines200′ Tek Flex$75.00$150.00
50+AC Cables, XLR Cables, SDI, Ethernet, HDMI, Large Roadcases of Each   


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