There’s more to great systems than just great gear.

Dove is your trusted guide in the world of professional audio video and lighting integration, employing cutting-edge technology to deliver top-tier solutions and services in the realm of audiovisual technology. As an industry leader, Dove specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining audio, video, and lighting systems for diverse applications, including theaters, events, conferences, ballrooms, and houses of worship. The company prides itself on its commitment to elevating the audiovisual experience by offering innovative equipment, expert installation, and outstanding customer service.

Budget is not the only issue.

Budget is the most obvious reason. But another important, often overlooked cause is potential conflict between systems and with the room. Therefore, purchasing equipment à la carte or installing an individual system without considering these other
factors can lead to disappointment – along with wasted time, effort and money.

Great systems require careful planning, design and execution.

MGA believes that success is ensured when you have a solid master plan, an integrated AVLA systems design and a trusted partner to help you implement the plan and provide ongoing support.


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