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Typically saving our customers up to 15% off retail for most package deals. We focus on all orders over $1,000 and tailor our quotes per customer so we can pass the savings on to you. 

We supply over 1000 top brands in AVL at the best price. Whether you have a specific list of gear or need help designing your Audio, Video or Lighting package let us tailor you a custom quote. 

By following these steps, you can streamline the process of buying equipment from Dove AVL and acquire the tools you need to enhance your audio-visual and lighting setups for various events and projects.

Step #1 - Assess Your Equipment Needs

Begin by identifying your specific requirements for audio, visual, and lighting equipment. Consider factors such as the type of events you typically host, the size of venues you work with, and any specialized equipment you may need for your projects. Determine whether you require sound systems, lighting fixtures, projectors, screens, or other AV equipment. Understanding your needs will help you narrow down the options available from Dove AVL.

Step #2 - Research Available Equipment

Explore the range of equipment offered by Dove AVL. Visit their website, browse their catalog, or speak with their representatives to gain insights into the available products. Pay attention to specifications, features, and compatibility with your existing setup or future expansion plans. Compare different models and brands to find the ones that best meet your requirements in terms of quality, functionality, and budget.

Step #3 - Consult with Dove AVL Experts

Reach out to Dove AVL’s knowledgeable staff to discuss your equipment needs in detail. Provide them with information about your projects, venue requirements, and any specific challenges you face. Their team can offer valuable advice, recommend suitable equipment options, and provide insights into the latest trends and technologies in the AV industry. Take advantage of their expertise to make informed decisions and ensure you invest in the right equipment that aligns with your goals and budget.

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