Tired of being blindsided by outrageous in-house AV fees?

 1. No More 3rd Party AV Fees: Say goodbye to penalties for choosing your preferred AV vendor. It’s your event, your choice!

2. Bye-bye AV Liaison Fees: Don’t pay a fortune for someone to watch you set up. Negotiate for free or discounted AV liaison services.

3. Power Up for Free: Don’t get zapped by power fees. Negotiate for complimentary power access and save big.

4. Free Furniture Usage: Keep your setup sleek and uniform without paying extra for furniture. Most venues offer this for free!

5. Rigging Rates Reduced: Lock in set pricing for rigging services and negotiate those fees down upfront.

6. High-Speed Internet Included: Ensure smooth live streaming with dedicated internet access. Negotiate for free internet codes for attendees!

7. No Sneaky Surcharges: Watch out for added fees on your AV contract. Negotiate to eliminate surcharges and commissions.

8. Ample Setup & Tear Down Time: Secure enough time for setup and tear down without extra charges. Plan ahead for smooth rehearsals and sound checks.

9. Storage Space Solutions: Don’t forget storage for your AV equipment. Negotiate for the space you need at no extra cost.

10. Affordable Parking & Accommodation: Negotiate for discounted parking and hotel rates for your AV team.

Remember, EVERYTHING is negotiable when you’re still considering a venue. Don’t hesitate to reach out for expert negotiation tips and tricks! 

Ready to save big on your AV costs?

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